2013 Hyundai H1 as The Latest Wagon by Hyundai Motor

2013 Hyundai H1 is the latest wagon released by Hyundai Motor Company located in South Korea. This wagon has many other names in accordance with its marketing area such, Hyundai Starex for South Korea’s market, Hyundai H-200 for Netherlands’ market, Hyundai iLoad for the cargo version and Hyundai iMax for people mover version for Australia’s market, and then known as Hyundai i800 in Europe. 2013 Hyundai H1 will come with new version, diesel version and Royale Version, with many upgrades which make your driving experience better than the previous version. Also, in order to retain its title as Australia’s Best Car for people mover category by the Australian Automobile Association for two years in a row.

2013 Hyundai H1 Front


2013 Hyundai H1 comes with larger outer shape in order to highly support its function as travel car and people mover. Its larger size is considered better than its competitor in wagon class, Audi A3. Hence, 2013 Hyundai H1 offers you with 9 passenger (called XG model) seat and 12 passenger seat that have 4 lines. This car cabin is really larger than 2014 Mercedes-Benz S Class space interior and 2013 Fiat 500S.

2013 Hyundai H1 Multicab Front

The XG model seems has more elegant equipment like rear view camera and roof mounted LCD Screen that makes its price is more expensive than the 12 seat passenger. Although the doors is not equipped by electric sliding door like other wagons usually has, neither the power door for its back door, 2013 Hyundai H1 still assures you that you will lose no comfort when using this car.

2013 Hyundai H1 Front View

2013 Hyundai H1 guarantee that the door could be opened widely by the double swing rears door and its tilting door in the front door that enable you to open the door at a different angle. If you still insist on having the electric doors like what’s owned by those Alphard and Nissan Serena, you can buy the limited edition 2013 Hyundai H1 Royale models which is, of course, will cost higher than the XG models. Other new updates coming from 2013 Hyundai H1’s exterior is the headlamps, the wider chrome grille–which add more classy touch to the van, and the Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering system.

2013 Hyundai H1 Front Side View


Inside the 2013 Hyundai H1, the elegant touch is felt higher even right when we just get in to the cabin with the wood accents added on the dash and door trim. The carpet becomes more resistance through the time and the seat coverings will provide you will more comfort. They are such quality and comfort offered by 2013 Hyundai H1 that we will never frequently get from a wagon/van.

2013 Hyundai H1 Interior View


2013 Hyundai H1 diesel version is equipped with CRDi diesel engine with a capacity of 2500cc, which can pull out 170 horse power and 45kg.m of torque at 2.000-2.250rpm, while the Royale version is using 2.4 Mpi with 2.359cc capacity which delivers 175ps at 6.000rpm and 23.2kg.m of torque at 4.200rpm. The improvements on its engine makes 2013 Hyundai H1 is likely become faster than other vans in its class.

2013 Hyundai H1 Engine


Although there has not been any report about the price, 2013 Hyundai H1’s price tag is expected not far below its competitor in van class, Mercedes Benz Vito.

2013 Hyundai H1 Pictures Gallery

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