2013 Hyundai H1 known as Hyundai Starex

2013 Hyundai H1 – Succeeding the previous version, and maintain the title as Australia’s Best Car for people mover category by the Australian Automobile Association in continuously two years, Hyundai is proudly released its new wagon this year. 2013 Hyundai H1 will also be marketed on Europe as Hyundai i800, while in Netherland’s market as Hyundai H-200, in Australia’s market, it will be known as Hyundai iLoad for the cargo version and Hyundai iMax for people mover, and in South Korea itself, it will be known as Hyundai Starex. 2013 Hyundai H1 will be released in two versions, include diesel Version and Royal Version. All will come with many new improvements in order to give the costumer more satisfaction than the current car.

2013 Hyundai H1 Front End

2013 Hyundai H1 Front


As a travel and people mover car, 2013 Hyundai H1 will be supported with larger body shape which is considered better than other wagon on market, especially its rival, Audi A3. this car will be available in with 9 passenger (named XG model) seat and four-line 12 passenger seats. Rear view camera and roof mounted LCD screen give the XG model more elegant touch and more expensive price as well than the 12 passenger seats one. As a luxurious wagon, it’s little bit disappointing that it is not equipped with neither those electric sliding doors nor the power door on its rear side which is typically found on others wagon. But it seems know what the costumers need, instead of those electric sliding and power back door, 2013 Hyundai H1 got the double swing doors which could be opened widely, and front seat tilting door which could be opened in to different angle. In case you are still expecting those electric sliding doors, 2013 Hyundai H1 will offer you its limited Hyundai H1 Royale, which has higher price tag than the XG.

2013 Hyundai H1 Front View

2013 Hyundai H1 Front Side

2013 Hyundai H1 Front Side View


2013 Hyundai H1 gives you more elegant touch on its cabin too by the addition of wood accent on its dash and door trims. the materials used for seat wrapping is also very comfortable, and the carpet could be more long lasting, so that you don’t have to change it as often as before.

2013 Hyundai H1 Interior

2013 Hyundai H1 Interior View


2500cc CRDi diesel engine is used to supply 2013 Hyundai H1 power. It could generate 170 horsepower and 45kg.m of torque at 2.000-2.250rpm. The Royale version of 2013 Hyundai h1 will be equipped with 2.359cc 2.4Mpi with 175 horsepower and 23.2kg.m of torque. It is absolutely lower capacity than 2013 Isuzu D-Max.

2013 Hyundai H1 Engine View


2013 Hyundai H1’s price tag has not yet officially announced, but it is said that it will not be so much different with its rival at wagon market, Mercedes Benz Vito.

2013 Hyundai H1 Gallery

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