2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept Review

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria may be just an only concept car when its first debut at 2013 Geneva Motor Show. This sport sedan car is highly probable to meet it mass production and hit Asia and America automotive market. Alfa Romeo Gloria is a creative result from the collaboration between Alfa Romeo and European Design Institute (IED) of Turin.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Front


2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria’s first look is so stylish, with sporty and elegant design. This car will be made as special as possible in order to take wider market. Five rims and body paint will be offered to the costumer, with 4.700mm length, 1.920 mm width, 1.320mm height, and 2.900mm wheelbase. Its three-dimensional hood will be adorned by leather strips mostly on its rear’s hood part. Classic elements, typical Alfa Romeo’s design could be found on its front grille, and bumpers. Its smooth headlights are completed by narrow, full-width taillights.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Side View

On the back side, 2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria is decorated by rear lights-unit extension like what we find on the 164 and GTV/Spider 916. Dynamic and incredible looks is contributed by the heavy arch bonnet, while its ‘scudetto-nose’ is kind of artistic touch given to the sedan. 2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria also got standard features like camera-side mirrors, and leather belts. Quadrifoglio Verde-logo on its bonnet also added to the concept.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Rear Side View


Alfa Romeo Gloria 2013’s interior design looks attractive too. Although the information about its material has not yet been announced, you will be sure that you could get all the convenience and best driving performance from this sedan. As seen on the Geneva Motor Show, 2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria looks bold and elegant at the same time with its black and red colors take over most of its interior design. Sporty steering wheel in black, informative instrument panel and comforting seat seems become its own self pride. 2013 Gloria also will be featured with new, modern and advance technologies that will give you the best driving experience ever.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Interior


2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria’s engine still not meets a fix decision. Rumor says that it ill be equipped with a new twin-turbo 3.0liter V6 engine that could pulls out 404 horsepower and 406lb-ft of torque, while it’s also said to have 3.8liter V8 engine which could bring this car 523 horsepower and 479lb-ft of torque. It’s little bit slower than 2014 Ferrari Enzo.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Engine


Whichever is true, we could only wait the car to be officially released, as well as the price tag

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Gallery


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