2013 Ferrari F70 with Unpredictable Speed

2013 Ferrari F70 – First unveiled in 2012 Paris Auto Show, the latest car of Ferrari, codenamed F70, is confirmed to go on to mass production as soon as possible. This environmental supercar is scheduled to make its first debut at 2013 Geneva Motor Show and claimed to be the next generation of Ferrari Enzo, with of course some distinctive design and features. As this car is now still on Ferrari’s workshop, we should wait until this supercar is finally launched to get any detail information for its exterior and interior design.

2013 Ferrari F70 Side View


2013 Ferrari F70 still used the Enzo’scarbon fiber monocoque as its body structure. Some of its body parts will be the same like Enzo too, but wit little touch up and elements addition. Some parts also will be eliminated and replaced with the new one, like Enzo’s 458 headlights which is going to be replaced with other headlamps. At a first glance, you will feel this car is similar with its cousin, Ferrari Berlinetta, while other said it is more like the 458 Italia. 2013 Ferrari F70 will be lighter than its predecessor, for balance and better acceleration purpose. It is said that, different from Enzo’s angular body, 2013 Ferrari F70’s body line will be more flowing. 2013 Ferrari F70 will maintain some of Ferrari’s typical elements, like Huayraesque front air scoop channels and Tuatara style glass house, which is also found on the F50 and Enzo. So far, 2013 Ferrari F70’s design is like a combination of Enzo’s body line, 458 Italia’s single tail lights, and Berlinetta’s style diffuser. Over all, 2013 Ferrari F70 will have different concept and more complex design for its exterior.

2013 Ferrari F70 Top View

2013 Ferrari F70 Front Angle


For its interior design, 2013 Ferrari F70 offers the costumer with soft-touch and comfortable Alcantara seats, and completed with ergonomics aspect to make every control to the car is more accessible and support your driving experience. Many improvements are made to make its interior better than other supercars, with many advance technology features added.

2013 Ferrari F70 Interior

2013 Ferrari F70 Interior View


The most interesting news about 2013 Ferrari F70 is that this supercar will be equipped with hybrid powertrain. The engine system will be a combination of a developed 7.3 liter 12V engine that delivers more than 900 horsepower and KERS system which brings 120 horsepower. So 2013 Ferrari F70 will have total of more than 1000 horsepower and claimed to beat Bugatti Veyron’s 258mph speed. With no doubt, this car is faster than 2013 Chevrolet Impala.

2013 Ferrari F70 Engine View


If you’re interesting in having this amazingly fast supercar, you have to provide $1,270,000 for its price tag.

2013 Ferrari F70 Gallery


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