2013 Ford Focus with Stylish Design

2013 Ford Focus, which is going to be released this year, is highly expected to replace its predecessor that is considered lame in its class. 2013 Ford Focus seems to know what the market wants and demands nowadays. With high competition in sedan market, where almost the company highlight an effective and efficient fuel economy to every car they made, 2013 Ford Focus proudly believe that it will take over the market by the all new sedan it’s offered.

2013 Ford Focus Front View


2013 Ford Focus is available in two models, sedan and hatchback. While it also offers the costumer with five optional trims, include S, SE, Titanium, Focus Electric and ST. Although it’s so consistent in preserving its conventional design, 2013 Ford Focus could still capture the costumer’s heart by its some modern touches added to its exterior, making this car does not look too old at all. Various wheelbases is offered based on its trims level, the S level get a 15-inch steel wheel, while the 16-inch and 17-inch alloy wheel are available for the SE level.

2013 Ford Focus Rear Side View

Titanium Level offers you with standard 17-inch alloy wheels and its Handling Package will be added by 18-inch wheels. 2013 Ford Focus gets a new grille for its front side, giving it more aggressive design for the front-end part. Focusing on new design, 2013 Ford Focus’s look considered the smoothest and sportiest among its competitor.

2013 Ford Focus Side


We must remember how the old ford focus is so disappointing inside with no high-class material and elegant touch we found there. Today, we will be surprised by how dramatic 2013 Ford Focus gives its interior part such a distinctive changes that absolutely different than 2013 Jaguar XKR-S interior. The new 2013 ford Focus’s interior now become the best in its segment, featured with premium and soft-touch materials in craftsmanship quality. While focusing on its modern interior design, 2013 Ford Focus also maintains its ergonomic design and features at the same time, by keeping the vibration and roughness at its minimum level. The old Ford Focus in now really reincarnating to a sporty, elegant and ergonomic 2013 Ford Focus.

2013 Ford Focus Interior

2013 Ford Focus Dashboard


2013 Ford Focus uses 2.0 liter 4V engine with direct injection system as its standard powertrain. This engine could bring 160 horsepower and 146 pound-feet with optional five-speed manual gearbox and six-speed PowerShift dual-clutch automatic. More advance powertrain is given to its ST models that has 4V Turbocharged EcoBoost engine with 240 horsepower and six-speed manual transmission, which makes it sprint from 0-60mph only in 6.3 seconds, and reach 155mph of top speed.

2013 Ford Focus Engine View


Starting at $ 16.200, it’s the cost you have to pay for its dramatic and advance change.

2013 Ford Focus Pictures Gallery


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