2013 Honda N-One Review and Price

2013 Honda N-one – Having been developed the N series for its mini car line ups, Honda Motor Co., Ltd finally announce the release of 2013 Honda N-one as its third model of N-series, which is started to be delivered to Japan dealers and unfortunately not to be marketed in US.

2013 Honda N-One Front View


2013 Honda N-one, as one of the strong competitor in compact car segment, must have an extra power to turn buyers’ head and point of view of small car which has been successfully built by another king in the class like 2014 Mini Paceman John Cooper Works. Since offering a total five options of exterior color combination with two color tone for body and roof is not enough, this car is claimed to has more than what buyers expect from a compact small vehicle. It offers such timeless and impressive design with lightweight and highly-rigid body structure as well as great suspension to provide an amazing acceleration and performance which is stable and result in most quiet cabin ever. One of the most highlighted features from this mini car is the Emergency Stop Signal System which comes as its one of standard safety system for all type of 2013 Honda N-One. This system, which is used for the first time among all compact cars in its class, could respond to sudden braking and automatically turns the hazard lamps on right away to warn the vehicle behind.

2013 Honda N-One Side View

2013 Honda N-One Rear

2013 Honda N-One Front


2013 Honda N-One may look small and compact from the outside, but later you will be surprised finding that it has such a spacious cabin that could accommodate adult passengers. Its simple design is well matched with high quality material used to ensure your comfort. You will get all the comfort, enjoyment and safety by its large-size bench, audio system with InterNavi Pocket feature, and navigation system which is directly developed by Honda’s technology. With all these features, driver and passenger will not face such a boring time even in long journey.

2013 Honda N-One Interior


Under the hood, 2013 Honda N-One is equipped with a DOHC turbo engine, available in all trim levels, to gives the best driving performance which is also balanced by the fuel efficiency (only 1 liter for 27 km) and rate of emission. It can be concluded that 2013 Honda N-One is very suitable for city used, where you can hit the road with the least effort possible, and where its small form could never limit your movement in the cabin. That’s why this car is more efficient than 2014 Acura RLX and 2013 Buick Riviera Concept.

2013 Honda N-One Front Angle


For all functions and looks, spending $14,000 for this car is still considered as worth it.

2013 Honda N-One Gallery


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