2013 Kia CUB Concept at Seoul Motor Show

Starting its debut at 2013 Seoul Motor Show last March, 2013 Kia CUB Concept was successfully getting many attention by its quirky look. Wrapped in bright yellow body paint, 2013 Kia CUB Concept’s squat and funky style surely will become one of the top cars in the market and the best choice for urban youngsters who love to look different. As the company also mentioned that car is a compact four-door coupe with style that reflects the attitude of “trend-setting urban dwellers”.

2013 Kia CUB Concept Front View

2013 Kia CUB Concept Side Angle


2013 Kia CUB Concept comes with five-door hatchback shape. The reverse-opening doors are one of the unique features beside its other elements and designs. From the front part, we’ll be energized by its cheerful face, with a large wrap-around mouth and a dip on the top of its windshield which is also could be find at Kia Optima, Sportage, and Cadenza. Its LED design may become another part that could steal our heart. Featuring with two-point LED lights, Kia Motors Company seems intend to bring the luxurious image of the last year released Quoris Sedan. 19-inch alloy wheels come as its standard feature and aerodynamic aspect at sill level is given from the front doors. Move to the rear area, its LED tail lights is looking great on its place and add the elegance image of the coupe. Its nose treatment is adopted from Kia Kee Concept car, emphasizing the vehicle’s width. From the beginning we are sure that this small car shares such minor similarity with other cars from the same company. It seems that Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 Abarth must be ready to accept their new competitor if the company finally decide to make a production version of 2013 Kia CUB Concept. This car has more stylish design than 2013 Kia Sportage Platinum and 2013 Kia Soul.

2013 Kia CUB Concept Rear

2013 Kia CUB Concept Top View


Unique and elegant atmosphere is also offered inside the car, supported by its black leather trim along with yellow color accent around the cabin, door armrest, and steering wheel. The quirkiness of the car is also provided by its instrument cluster, which is inspired from wild animal’s eye, while the center-tack’s design is made to be minimalist. 2013 Kia CUB Concept also has Driving Information System controller which connected to a gesture camera gives you easier way to operate the car than 2013 Acura TL and BMW 320D.

2013 Kia CUB Concept Interior


A new version of 1.6 liter Gasoline Direct Injection engine is planted as Kia CUB Concept 2013 powertrain. This engine generates 204 hp and 265 Nm of torque, 51% and 60% more than the regular 1.6 L one. With a six-speed manual transmission, this vehicle could run from 0-100 kph in 7.7 second and reach top speed of 230 kph. That’s why this powertrain is slower than 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, 2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring and 2013 Honda M Concept.

2013 Kia CUB Concept Side View

2013 Kia CUB Concept Side

2013 Kia CUB Concept at Auto Show


The price tag will be confirmed by automaker as soon as possible.

2013 Kia CUB Concept Gallery


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