2013 Opel Cascada Convertible Review

2013 Opel Cascada – Comes with well known line ups such hatchbacks and crossover SUVs apparently doesn’t give enough satisfaction to Opel until it finally releases its premium convertible segment as what BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz do from long time ago. For the first time since 1930, this year Opel releases its new convertible car called Opel Cascada. This new line up is expected to expand and raise Opel’s demand on automotive market as well as compete with other aforementioned convertible cars.

2013 Opel Cascada Front View


2013 Opel Cascada is all about elegance, timeless, and nice design. Once you look at this convertible, you will find its classic image with many high quality premium materials used to add its luxurious design. On its body, stretched lines and flowing forms will be successfully attract your eyes as well as highlights its bold and fine cutting. Its front part is beautifully adorned by stylish bumper that emphasizes its sharp headlights integrating with LED daytime running light. Chrome accent on Opel’s signature grille giving an elegant touch to this convertible’s front part. If its front bumpers giving such an amazing look, it seems to be different with the rear bumper that gives nothing special to the design. But still, you will find fantastic LED taillights which are connected by chrome strip. 2013 Opel Cascada’s hood is some kind of special. Featuring a set of five ridges, the hood is giving an attractive looks both when it’s up and down. With nearly 4.7 meters length, 2013 Opel Cascadais considered having larger space for adults than other convertible and also fits well in both mid-size convertible and compact class.

2013 Opel Cascada Rear End

2013 Opel Cascada Front End

2013 Opel Cascada Side


2013 Opel Cascada’s interior design also very stunning, your comfort and safety will be highly assured by its safety features both from its high-steel strength passenger body structure and other safety features inside the convertible. Opel Cascada 2013 makes everything looks simple yet elegant at the same time for its cabin’s design. Your eyes will be spoiled by high quality soft-touch materials, embossed or leather fabrics with contrast stitching around the cabin. Nappa leather with heating and ventilation could be your option for more ergonomic design. Seven storage units in its cabin are spacious cargo are also become a plus to bring this car to your garage.

2013 Opel Cascada Interior View

2013 Opel Cascada Dashboard


2013 Opel Cascada offers you with three engine options including 1.4 Turbocharged 4V with 138hp and 162lb-ft of torque, 2.0 liter diesel 4V with 162hp and 280lb-ft of torque, and the last 1.6liter Turbocharged 4V with 167hp and 206lb-ft of torque.

2013 Opel Cascada Engine


This car is cheaper than 2013 Maserati Quattroporte. With a starting price of €25.945, 2013 Opel Cascada is clearly giving us an affordable convertible without losing rich features and attractive design.

2013 Opel Cascada Gallery


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