2013 Opel Mokka with Bold and Elegant Design

2013 Opel Mokka is believed would be the next most-awaited sport utility vehicles. During four months since it’s released, 2013 Opel Mokka has made more than 40.000 orders around Europe. It strong demand comes from Germany, UK, Italy, and Russia. With its dynamic and bold design, advanced technology, and good performance, no wonder if many people are impressed with this all new 2013 Opel Mokka.

2013 Opel Mokka Front View


2013 Opel Mokka may be look too small for SUV class, but don’t be deceived. With its 4.28 meter body length, it is surprisingly can bring 5 passengers in its cabin, and still with its satisfying performance. This car is sure designed as small but powerful SUV. 2013 Opel Mokka brings out the bold and elegant design which also look sporty with its gallant and solid body lines. The front part is equipped with special grilles and cladding around the bumpers and wheels arches that has protective function. Its higher ground clearance and 1540nm tracks enable it to run on gravel roads and contribute sportier look than 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Exterior Design.

2013 Opel Mokka Front Angle

We could also find the iconic Opel headlamps framing the neatly stitched trademark chrome bar with the Opel lightning logo at its center, which contain the Opel typical wing shaped LED sketch of the daytime running lights.Its firm looking fog lamps also become an addition of its sporty image. Opel Mokka 2013 is completed with standard 18-inches alloy wheels to make its stronger appearance. Additional design is added to its hood, with several creases and power dome-like in the center. To give more elegant touch, chrome accent is adorned to the windows and door handling. Opel Mokka 2013 will available in ten colors body paint include, summit white, royal blue, sovereign silver, carbon flash, borocay blue, velvet red, satin steel grey, misty lake and deep espresso brown. It’s also available with special-ordered premium color based on costumer preference.

2013 Opel Mokka Side View

Interior and Price

2013 Opel Mokka’s interior also comes with chrome accent that bring more elegant touch. A stylish design of the car featured leather material on its seat as well as its instrument panels and door handlings, with black/dark galvanized combination or brown cocoa saddle up bolstering fabric. One more interesting fact about the interior design, 2013 Opel Mokka’s seat, which is designed to be ergonomic, has been certified by the independent healthy back expert as a healthy and safe seat for your body. Standard and safety features also will enhance your driving experience.These combinations of high-end material design for both of its exterior and interior and the healthy and ergonomic aspect makes this car worth $23.995 of price tag.

2013 Opel Mokka Interior View

2013 Opel Mokka Dashboard


2013 Opel Mokka’s power source is come from three engines type. The gasoline engine will use 1.6 liter engine with 155nm torque, bringing 85kw/115 horse power, while another engine uses 1.4 turbo which gives you 103kw/140 horse power and 200nm of torque, transmitted both manually and (soon) automatically. If you want a diesel engine, you can buy Opel Mokka 2013 with 1.7 liter turbocharged CDTI which pull out 96Kw/130 horse power and 300nm of torque.

2013 Opel Mokka Engine

2013 Opel Mokka Pictures Gallery

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