2013 Toyota Prius Review and Price

Despite the fact of hybrid car’s proliferation nowadays, the world’s first and most successful hybrid car, 2013 Toyota Prius is still very confident to step on the market and compete with another hybrid car even with no specific changes or upgrades from the last year model. While the new thing comes from this hybrid car is just the addition of the special edition called Persona Series, how could you ever doubting the incredible fuel efficiency and the famous innovative hybrid powertrain system?

2013 Toyota Prius Front View

2013 Toyota Prius Front End


2013 Toyota Prius still offer the same trim levels as last year model, two, three, four five, and Persona Series Special Edition. The family is also completed with the wagon-model of Prius V and the smaller hatchback called Prius V. Its design may not look as stunning as other luxurious cars, but its simple design, and sporty appearance is sure will spoiled you so much. Not to mention its easy handling, efficient and aerodynamic shape. 15-inch alloy wheel is available in most trim levels, while the special edition Prius Persona gets the 17-inch alloy wheels that also could be chosen as your another option.

2013 Toyota Prius Side

2013 Toyota Prius Front

2013 Toyota Prius Side View


Inside, 2013 Toyota Prius design is better than the exterior part. Modern design with contoured dash looks more pretty in two-tone panels than 2013 BMW M3 DTM Champion. Plant-derived plastic is used as its seat’s upholstery and lower door panels, proofing the consistency of recycle material used besides its hybrid technology that contributed to a greener earth. The Prius Persona comes in more elegant look with charcoal/black “softex” synthetic leather for its seat’s cover, plus a red stitching and dark chrome accents adorning its interior’s design. The hatchback is well known by its large backseat room and spacious cargo which is becomes one of the top value for the vehicle. To boost your infotainment needs, 2013 Toyota Prius has provided standar equipment like Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity with touchscreen displays and six-speaker sound system CD player. It is also equipped with Toyota’s Entune System that displays real time information and suite of apps that could connect your Prius to internet sites through your smartphone.

2013 Toyota Prius Interior

2013 Toyota Prius Interior Detail


2013 Toyota Prius also still powered by the famous combination of 1.8 L 4V engine and a pair of electric generators that pulls out a total of 134 hp from the continuously variable transmission. with that engine system, 2013 Toyota Prius could run from 0-60mph in 10,1 seconds. This car is less efficient than 2013 Honda N-One but it is more efficient than 2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring.

2013 Toyota Prius Engine


The hybrid car’s price range start from $24,200 to $30,005.

2013 Toyota Prius Gallery


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