2014 BMW Series 4 Test Drive and Review

Say goodbye to Series 3 era, its time to welcome the new generation of BMW Coupe models with the new 2014 BMW Series 4. First debuted in Detroit Motor Show, 2014 BMW Series 4 is confirmed to be manufactured this spring and will be ready in your dealer by the end of this year. It  not only comes in Coupe and GranCoupe models, but also will be available later in Convertible model.

2014 BMW Series 4 Exterior


Though it’s still look like the four-door Series 3, 2014 BMW Series 4 still got some new touches that distinguish it from it predecessor. New BMW Series 4 2014 will have sportier and more aerodynamic look than the Series 3. It comes with a low-slung rear end, 45mm wider front side, while its rear side is also 80mm wider. Its roofline also made to be 16mm lower. BMW Series 4 got an eye-catching satin-finish aluminum fenders and trim details on its front side, together with two rounded LED headlamps. This coupe will have bigger air intakes located on its front apron, and vents could be found behind its front wheels. Unique L-shaped pattern also could be found tangling around its rear window, door handles and almost all over its body. Its 20-inch MultiSpoke alloy wheels and two exhaust pipes look great in Liquid Metal Silver body paint.

2014 BMW Series 4 Side

2014 BMW Series 4 Rear View


As you look inside, you will be spoiled by its high-quality materials offered. Its trim and surfaces will be wrapped in black and Schiaparelli brown leather with contrast stitching on it and aesthetic hand-braided leather trim which is even extended to its cup holders and door panels. New atmosphere is also given by Matte Natural Chestnut wood trim. 2014 BMW Series 4 actually provided more deluxe material used for its interior at the show, though it’s not sure whether those elements will also used for its mass production or not.

2014 BMW Series 4 Interior

2014 BMW Series 4 Interior View


BMW has not been confirmed about its powertrain. There are some rumors said that 2014 BMW Series 4 will be equipped with the same type as its predecessor. It is also predicted to have a diesel engine as your option. Which ever is true, one thing that has been confirmed for sure that every engine which is later used to support its powertrain, as its lighter and aerodynamic shape, will be focused on higher fuel efficiency.

2014 BMW Series 4 Rear View


2014 BMW Series 4’s price will start nearly from £28,000, which is more expensive than the 2013 Hyundai IX35 of starting price. It’s considered not a problem since you will have the all new coupe with more upgrades and innovation.

2014 BMW Series 4 Gallery


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