2014 Ferrari Enzo Gives Amazing Engine Power

2014 Ferrari Enzo – Ferrari cars seem never failed to attract the costumers and all automotive enthusiasts. The company itself seems never stopped to make such a big sensation by continuously releasing more and more supercars. The newest car supercar released by this Italian automaker is 2014 Ferrari Enzo, which is named after the company’s founder. This supercar’s idea, concept and even design are truly inspired from the F1 car. The new Enzo Ferrari even got the exclusive features addition that is not found in F1 racing car, like aerodynamics and active traction controls.

2014 Ferrari Enzo Exterior Design


Ferrari Enzo 2014’s concept was first introduced in 2002, and started its debut on 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Its unique and attractive design is carefully made by Japanese Pininfarina head, Ken Aoyama. The adoption of F1 innovative design is applied to give this supercar a great driving performance. 2014 Enzo’s structure is made from advance combination of high quality materials like carbon fiber and Normex for its knob and small parts. It is also got separation of air intakes to raise its central section and carburetor on its front part, like all typical of F1 car racing. That’s why this car is more aerodynamics than 2014 Mazda 6.

2014 Ferrari Enzo Exterior

2014 Ferrari Enzo Front View


Inside, 2014 Ferrari Enzo’s design is full of unique and high quality material to support the driver’s comfort and experience. You will find its cabin is dominated with carbon fiber while the switches and knobs are made from aluminum. It seems that Ferrari Enzo wants to keep a good feel between the car and the driver by lowering the dashboard that will gives the driver extra space for any movements made. More features and news about its interior design is will be confirmed near its released date.

2014 Ferrari Enzo Interior


2014 Ferrari Enzo’s great performance is fully supported by its powerful new generation 6.0 liter 48-valveV12 engine that could deliver 660 horsepower and 657 lb-ft of torque, and sent by 6-speed manual with auto shift transmission. With this powerful engine, 2014 Ferrari Enzo can run from 0-60mph in just 3.65 second and reach an amazing top speed of 217mph. This car is faster than 2013 Hyundai Sonata.

2014 Ferrari Enzo Engine


For you who crave so much for having this new supercar from Ferrari, be ready because this car is going to be manufactured only for 399 units. Just like any kind of supercar, especially the one that have special F1 performance, features, and design, this limited supercar will cost you at least $644.000. It’s absolutely more expensive than 2013 Hyundai Sonata price tag. If you are really in to racing and Ferrari, this new 2014 Ferrari Enzo will be the greatest super sport car that has ever made.

2014 Ferrari Enzo Front

2014 Ferrari Enzo Gallery


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