2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Looks Stylish

Ford has announced to release its new SUV, 2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version at 2013 Geneva Motor Show. This Europe verson of EcoSport is the second SUV launched in extension series of Ford Europe, after the Ford Kuga. just like Ford’s line ups, 2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version will be equipped wth some advance, exclusive and upgraded technologies.

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Front View

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Side


2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version is focused to give the customer dexterity and fuel efficiency for small family car with plenty of capability and spaciousness package. The design is absolutely different than 2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring. Extensive trapezoidal grille is still adorning the new 2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version, giving the stylish image at a first glance. Its lower body is molded by plastic, completed with an eye-catching wheel arches and the tail silhouette, 2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-version looks more attractive. 2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version’s sporty looks is fully contributed by its short bonnet and raked front pillars. While the modern look is provided by the addition of its angular headlamps. With the new improvement above, we think it is still justifiable to expect some new or updated exterior features which once have been set on the previous 2013 Ford EcoSport line up, such the swing gate, which is located on the rear side, and command driving position.

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Side View

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Front End View

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Front End

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Rear


There are no plenty information about the interior of 2014 ford EcoSport Eu-Version. All the information we get is the Ford EcoSport Eu-Version will be featured some new advance technologies. It will has Ford SYNC voice-activated in-car connectivity system, include sync emergency assistance which could directly connect the driver to the local emergency service operator after accident is happened, through GPS and mobile network information to give the driver an introductory message. Furthermore, this car will have Ford SYNC AppLink, where costumer can control their smartphone just from driver’s seat. It will be one of the first Ford in Europe that using this feature. About the interior’s material, we don’t know whether it could be the same like the one used for the 2013 version or not. But consider what its predecessor gives last year, like colorful soft touch fabric, and high end leather material which is taken from some countries, we should expect at least the new Ford EcoSport Eu-Version 2014 will come with the same interior design like what the last year version has given to the costumer, and more standard updated features like higher seat driver which could give better visibility and easier access to the panel control, and some multimedia features that surely gives the passenger a homey feeling during the trip.

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Interior View

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Interior


2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version’s offers us with an innovative, and named to be the “international engine of the year” 125 PS, 1.0liter EcoBoost engine which pull out 120 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque, with this Ecoboost, it is said that this Ford’s performance will be comparable with its SUV rivals which is normally equipped with 1.6liter engine. Another option, it is a 110 PS 1.5liter gasoline engine and 90PS 1.5diesel engine that will lead 2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version to a fuel efficiency in its class.

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Front Side

2014 Ford EcoSport Eu-Version Gallery


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