2014 Kia Forte with New Character and Significant Changes

A perfect timing, new character,and a new driving experience to give are maybe the best words to describe the 2014 Kia Forte, the newest compact car from Kia Motors Company.

2014 Kia Forte Front Detail


We are getting the all new Kia Forte just by looking its appearance for the first time. Kia Motors has made many significant changes to renew the previous version of Kia Forte and prioritized the packaging to make this small car ready to compete in the small car segment like Honda and Toyota. 2014 Kia Forte is longer than the previous version because of its two inches longer wheelbase, the cab-forward nose which improves the visibility is also one of the new thing from 2014 Kia Forte. Light-bar LED, Xenon HID head lights and chrome accent on its windows give 2014 Kia Forte a great highlight and a stronger look than 2013 Kia Rio and 2014 Subaru Forester highlight.

2014 Kia Forte Front Side

2014 Kia Forte Side View

2014 Kia Forte Rear


The interior design of 2014 Kia Forte maybe does not have so much difference with its previous version, even it’s said that its competitor spoil the passenger more than 2014 Kia Forte. Fear not, we should believe that This car still offers a more comfortable and roomy place. The steering wheel has better design than its predecessor, gives us a better driving position. A color liquid crystal display is placed ahead the driver, and to give better driving experience, 2014 Kia Forte also has renewed the paddle shifters. This car is also more sophisticated than 2013 Kia Soul in interior design.

2014 Kia Forte Interior View

Self-touch materials, chrome accent, and leather materials are still dominating the 2014 Kia Forte’s interior. For infotainment system, This Forte provide us with a color touch screen and a new eServices technology. 2014 Kia Forte also has reversing camera, bluetooth connectivity as its standard equipment.Every Kia Forte 2014 is also equipped with UVO eServises system, kind of exclusive technology for Forte Kia. UVO system has been integrated with smartphone that has voice-control access to mobile application and telematics services like 911 connection which can be used to activate the air bags to deploy, and live operator to the driver.

2014 Kia Forte Dashboard


The old 2.4 liter four-cylinder on the previous Kia Forte was considered slow and rugged, so deriving from Elantra (Hyundai) ‘s engine, 2014 Kia Forte has smaller and lighter 1.8 liter base with 184 horse power, 131 lb-ft of torque and 6-speed manual for its standard type. More powerful engine is equipped in the Forte EX-5 Door model, with a direct injection of 2.0liter 4-cylinder engine that can produced 173 horse power and 154lb-ft of torque while turbo charged, direct-injection 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine of is planted in Forte SX-5 Door, produces 201 horse power and 195lb-ft of torque. This engine absolutely has lower performance than 2013 Kia Sportage and 2014 GMC Sierra engine capacity.

2014 Kia Forte Engine View

The standard mode and EX mode both have overhead cams, 16 valves and valve timing which is vary for each of them, but the standard mode has 97 mm stroke which is longer than other types and also higher compression ratio. With the new engine system, once again, 2014 Kia Forte is surely wants to give the all new driving performance and experience.

2014 Kia Forte Engine Detail


2014 Kia Forte is scheduled to be on market in early 2013 with the expected price tag range about $15.000 and $26.000

2014 Kia Forte Pictures Gallery


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