2015 BMW X4 Concept Revealed

2015 BMW X4 Hottest news earlier this year is coming from German Automaker, BMW. After the decision of splitting its 1-Series line up in to three models, namely 1-Series Hatchback, 1-Series Three Door, and 1-Series Five Door, and makes the old 1-Series Coupe and Convertible models as part of their 2-series line up, they also announces that their newest BMW X4 Concept will be ready to be manufactured and hit the market in early 2015, right after the releasing of their latest BMW series 2 coupe and convertible this year. 2015 BMW X4 is named to be the sedan version of BMW’s old Series 1, which also expected to be able to compete in sedan market, especially keep up with their rival, such as 2014 Audi A3 and 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLA.

2015 BMW X4 Front View


First news we get from this 2015 BMW X4 is that this sedan will use a rear-wheel-drive platform, the same as used for 1-Series GT, and particularly different from the old Series 1 which used a four-wheel drive design. It will come with so many stuffs which give this sedan sportier and more elegant than 2014 Bentley Flying Spur. look at the same time. 2015 BMW X4 also claimed to be smaller and cheaper than its predecessor, such a promising improvement to get costumer’s heart. Unfortunately, the rest exterior design has not been reveled yet. Though there are not enough information about what‘s new on this sedan, 2015 BMW X4 promises the costumers with more upgrades and improvements which could meet their satisfaction criteria.

2015 BMW X4 Review

2015 BMW X4 Rear

2015 BMW X4 Rear Side

2015 BMW X4 Front End


As it exterior, this X4 Concept also still has not announced their official interior design s well. But we sure there will be more and better interior that could give you more comfort and better driving experience. We really hope that we could find at least the same or even better high quality leather and wood material, which is used for current BMW Series 1, inside its cabin. As well as the material, we also hope there will be more advance technologies as used in the current Series 1, include Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors, HD Radio, and many more.

2015 BMW X4 Interior


2015 BMW X4 powertrain will be supported by six-cylinder engine, with power, acceleration, and transmission is still unveiled yet. Considering its goal to meet its target of two million selling in 2020, we sure that the company will makes this car as your only choice when you want to have a sedan sport car.

2015 BMW X4 Engine

2015 BMW X4 Concept Gallery


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